by The Fevers

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released March 22, 2015



all rights reserved


The Fevers Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Honey Moon
Men dream of a perfect woman
Women dream of a perfect marriage
Is it good enough for some
And a realisation for those…

Who've never known anything to last
I've never known something to be forever
You're the first person to ask
You're the first person to make me wonder

Should we wed in the stars?
And honeymoon on the moon
The whole world could be ours
But only if we take it soon
Track Name: Waiting For God
Awaking from a winters slumber
Do we ever wonder?
If every step is already taken
The ground has been covered
If ignorance is bliss is it simple enough
to relinquish all knowledge
And ignore the questioning that's in question
The question in question

Late night conversations
Seem the most revealing
How everything
Needs everything

Understanding leads to error
So is this a rehearsal
A rehearsal for something greater
Only hoping that what happens next is better
And worth all
And worth all

The more we have
The more which holds us dies
We see this through wide eyes
But there's too much going on in our own lives
So we look to the skies
If someone is controlling us
We shouldn't have to consider our actions
But in the end it's us who will be responsible
For all this destruction
Track Name: Lonely Cosmonaut
Last night as I lay
Unbound I dreamt of you
When I awoke to nothing
All I could see was you

Nothing to convince me
If I'm awake or asleep
Use the thought to ground me
In a lack of gravity

I'd be lost without your love
Spinning like a cyclone
Living to destruct
The sun without moon
Blinding as a migraine
But never giving up
There is something out here

As my muscles decay
And my bones lose density
I'll meet you at the central post
Like Sunita told me

Open the airlock
Walk outside
Breath in
Your new life
Track Name: Their Church
Cloaked rings
Dance before the eyes of
Doped up things
Too drunk and hypnotized to
Believe a single word that dribbles down
But we sense enough to never rule it out

Past Kepler and Gliese

While the US airforce keeps on counting saucers
And the Phoenix lights distract the governor
I'll sneak in through the back door to discover
Uncloaked beings

Past Kepler and Gliese
Wait Ezekials wheels
And Goldilocks gurns
As her mouth starts to burn

A shark to a dolphin
You look like me
Something familiar
Something, escaping, escaping

I don't mean
To harm you
I come in peace
Something, disturbing, screaming
Escaping, escaping